Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Happy New Year! January brings with it cold weather and snow which for RSG! = FUN!!!! We are full swing with our Winter Wonderland programming. We started the month off with a very appropriate snow day for the first week of SNOW! We enjoyed exploring snow in the classroom. We made 'snowy day' pictures, painted with cotton balls and even brought in snow and dyed it with food coloring. It was cool! hee hee

This week we're enjoying playing with WARM WINTER CLOTHES. Mitten matches, dancing with mittens, scarves and hats, dress-up and actually putting on our own winter clothes and going out in the snow are just a few of the fun activities planned for this week.

Next week we'll experiment with ICE and we'll round out the final week with WARM WINTER FOODS! YUM. January may be cold and yikky out, but it's great material for learning! Hope you'll join us and expand in the learning at home. Have a great month!